Abdul Rasheed Pulipra

At Team Interiors, we are working very hard to build our reputation in the market we are improving its performance by the year. Our rapid growth gives us more courage, with almost a year of work in hand. Team Interiors will be focusing on consolidating its growth. Our overall performance depends on the quality of our methods, our facilities, our way of doing things, and of doing them well to quantity. We are pursuing and refining our human development policies, for the first and most exciting challenge facing in our company is to recruit the men and women who embody their future, to help them develop and to give them a stake in the success.



We review the design feasibility prior to proceed with the projects, to assist the customers in visualizing the scope, material, technology and potential, which becomes the valuable asset to our customers to grab the full idea of the project.

Site Visit, Client Meeting, Request for Proposal, Requirement Gathering, Quantity Surveying, Material Specification, Bill of Quantities, Schedule/Milestones, Acceptance Criteria, Project Proposal & Quotation, Customer Approval

Effective planning helps us to sequence the events and activities, to manage and monitor our work force, resources, suppliers and consultant works.  We divide  each activity into the sub-activity and have a well-documented reporting system to monitor and analyse the progress of work.

Scheduling, Kickoff, Shop Drawings, Sampling, Material Approval

Our production is managed by technical expertise to deliver projects on time and within budget, inspecting construction, controlling schedules and costs, providing coordination and communication, administering contracts, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Production QA, Customer Approval, Installation, Inspection & QA, Customer Approval, Finishing, Project Delivery, Customer Satisfaction

We  focus to control  on quality and ensure  that materials are as per the specifications. We follow the quality associated procedures  which apply to all activities and work undertaken within the company. Through quality our focus is to achieve the customer satisfaction and grow through reference.

Final Inspection Checklist, Pointing Out Non-Conformance, Customer Satisfaction